SpeedZone results July 13, 2017

Oshkosh, July 13 – The Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway played host to the USMTS Modified tour on a special Thursday night program as part of the 4 race swing through Northeastern Wisconsin.

A total of 90 cars were on hand including a Wisconsin series best of 37 USMTS Mods, 35 Cow Bell Street Stock Tour competitors and 18 Outlaw Chassis IMCA Stock Cars.

Jerry Kope grabbed the early lead in the Outlaw Chassis IMCA Stock Car main followed by Barry Van Straten, Travis Van Straten, Devin Snellenberger and Jerry Winkler. Travis Van Straten was able to make an inside move for the lead on lap 6, and despite a pair of cautions on the next 2 laps, was able to hold off every attempt by Barry Van Straten and Snellenberger to claim his second straight division feature win. Point leader Jeremy Christians moved up to the leaders and wrestled the third spot away from Snellenberger with 4 laps left.

Barry Van Straten, Christians and Snellenberger were followed by Dan Miller and Trent Nolan, rounding out the top six.

The Cow Bell Street Stock tour feature presented 24 cars for the 25 lap event. Dustin White claimed the early lead over the field but Alex Crapser took control on the second circuit. A lone caution appeared on lap 4 and it was green the rest of the way. Kyle Ganett was able to secure the top spot on the restart with Jeff Richards taking over the runner up spot. For most of the race, Ganett ran the in side lane with Richards almost alongside in the far outside lane. Ganett was able to increase the lead over the final laps with Crapser, Eddie Anschutz and Paul Diefenthaler all catching Richards for a great race for second.

Ganett rolled to the victory, his first time at the track, with Crapser ending the tussle for second. Anschutz took third with Richards holding on for fourth. Diefenthaler was fifth and Jim Randall rounded out the top six.

Lexii Ashcraft started the race in 16th and drove to finish 7th to earn the hard charger award for the race.

The USMTS Headliner had a 24 car field take the green with Lucas Schott leading the opening 2 laps before Zack VanderBeek took command, and despite a couple cautions that bunched the field, VanderBeek was able to maintain the lead to the finish for his third straight win in the Northeaster Wisconsin 4 race series. The Tour makes its final stop at Plymouth Dirt Track on Friday night.

Weekly Friday night racing resumes at the SpeedZone on July 21st.



40 Lap Feature l. Zack VanderBeek 2. Austin Arneson 2. Ryan Gustin 4. Cory Mahder 5. Brian Mullen 6. Cade Dillard

12 Lap Consy First 1. Stormy Scott 2. Gustin

Second l. Dillard 2. Jardin Fuller

8 Lap Heats First l. Dereck Ramierez 2. Robby Bunkelman

Second l. Mike Mullen 2. Jake Timm

Third l. VanderBeek 2. Lucas Schott

Fourth l. Austin Arneson 2. Curt Meyers


25 Lap Feature l., Kyle Genett 2. Alex Crapser 3. Eddie Anschutz 4. Jeff Richards 5. Paul Diefenthaler 6, Jim Randall

10 Lap Consy First ; Roger Frank 2. Mike Carter 3. Mark Schultz 4. Scott Tiedt

Second l. Frank Knaus 2. Dan Knaus 3. Matt Warner 4. Ian Wainio

10 Lap Heats First l. Ganett 2, Jessie Krahn

Second l. Jeff Richards 2. Anschutz

Third l. Paul Diefenthaler 2. Jason Jensen

Fourth l. Jerry Winkler 2. Alex crapser


20 Lap Feature l. Travis Van Straten 2. Barry Van Straten 3. Jeremy Christians 4. Devin Snellenberger 5. Dan Miller 6. Trent Nolan

8 Lap Heats First l. Karly Stadler 2. Christians

Second l. Jason Bork 2. Travis Van Straten

Race Day!

It’s race day at the Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway. USMTS Modified’s, Cow Bell Street Stock series and IMCA Stock Cars (points night). Pit gates open at 4, grandstands open at 5, modified hot laps at 6, modified qualifying at 6:30 racing at 7. Adults $20 students 11 to 15 $10 and 10 and under free.

IMCA Stock Cars

Here is the deal. The IMCA Stock Cars have been on the schedule for July 13th since the schedule came out. It was a points night when it came out even before the $250 was added. Our average car counts for the Stock Cars has been around 20 cars. We will run up to 26 cars in the feature before we have a B main. It shouldn’t make a difference if it is track points or not. Come and race, have fun and see some action packed racing at the Speedzone! It will not be action packed night of racing! See you Thursday!


The Oshkosh Speedzone will be racing Thursday July 13 with the USMTS Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and Cow bell Street Stocks. We will NOT be racing Friday the 14th.

IMCA Stock Cars increased purse

July 9, 2017

Oshkosh Speedzone along with Sniper Speed will add $250.00 to the IMCA Stock Car purse on THURSDAY July 13, 2017 for the USMTS Modified Touring event. IMCA Stock Cars along with the Cow Bell Street Stocks will be doing battle at the Speedzone along with the USMTS Modifieds.

Here is the payout for the IMCA Stock Cars thanks to Sniper Speed!
1st – $350
2nd – $245
3rd – $185
4th – $160
5th – $140
6th – $130
7th – $120
8th – $105
9th – $100
10th – $100
11th – $90
12th – $90
13th – $85
14th – $80
15th – $75
16th – 20th – $70

If there are more than 36 stock cars we will run 24 cars in the feature. 21st through 25th will also be $70 also.

Pit gates will open at 4:00 PM
Grandstands will open at 5:00 PM
Modified Hot Laps 6:00 PM
Modified Qualifying 6:30 PM
Racing at 7:00 PM
Pit Passes $30.00
Adults $20.00
Students 11-15 $10.00
10 and under free

For up to date information please visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/thespeedzone or our website, www.oshkoshspeedzone.net

USMTS/IMCA Modifieds

Oshkosh Speedzone is proud to be hosting the USMTS Modified touring series along with the IMCA Stock cars and the Cow Bell Street Stock touring series on THURSDAY July 13, 2017.

Prestige Cabinets Mike Mashl and crew will be sponsoring a points fund just for the local IMCA driver’s that week of the USMTS Modified races. You have to participate in at least 3 of the 4 events and there will be a separate point fund just for the local IMCA driver’s at these four tracks. To be eligible for these four events you had to race at least 2 weekly races at any of the four tracks. USMTS will keep points by how a driver finishes top finishing local will get the 100 points. We hear a lot that we cannot compete against these guys they spend too much money. USMTS was just in Elm Mott, TX a month ago and Chase Allen ran fourth with his 604 crate motor. All local IMCA racers can bolt on a spoiler, run the IMCA G60 tire and come and run and not change anything else. Here is the point fund for all the local drivers. Other divisions for the Oshkosh Speedzone will be the IMCA Stock Cars and the Cow Bell Street Stock Tour. Supporting divisions will also race for an increased purse.

1st Place $1,000
2nd $700
3rd $500
4th- $400
5th- $350
6th- $300
7th- $275
8th- $250
9th- $225
10th- $200
11th- $175
12-15th- $150

Please help to share the news and we want to thank Mike Mashl at Prestige Cabinets for stepping up to help make this possible.

Luxemburg Speedway on July 11th, 141 Speedway on Wednesday July 12th, Thursday July 13th at Oshkosh Speedzone Oshkosh, WI, Friday Plymouth Dirt Track Plymouth, WI.

Pit gates will open at 4:00 PM
Grandstands will open at 5:00 PM
Modified Hot Laps 6:00 PM
Modified Qualifying 6:30 PM
Racing at 7:00 PM
Pit Passes $30.00
Adults $20.00
Students 11-15 $10.00
10 and under free

For up to date information please visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/thespeedzone or our website, www.oshkoshspeedzone.net

SpeedZone results, June 30, 2017

Oshkosh, June 30- A beautiful night and smooth fast track gave the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway the perfect way to open up a major holiday weekend in Northeastern Wisconsin. A fast paced racing program produced three first time winners this season, and three multi winners, topped by a great Fireworks display Friday night.

Justin Jacobsen took control of the Outlaw Chassis IMCA Stock Car feature from the green and set the pace through the lone caution on lap 9. Just before the restart, Jacobsen suddenly pulled off the track, turning the lead over to 2 time defending champion, Travis Van Straten. Jeremy Christians, Brandon Czarapata, Cory Wegner, Karley Stadler and Kevin Hebbe were lined up behind. The top three opened a lead on the restart and for the rest of the race ran together at the front with Van Straten able to hold off the heavy pressure to claim his first feature win of the season. Christians was scored as the runner up with Jeff Schmuhl working into third. Czarapata was holding fourth until the final turn on the final lap when his car coasted across the line in 7th. His mis fortune gae Wegner the fourth place finish with Jerry Winkler coming from the back of the field after an opening lap mishap, to finish fifth. Hebbe rounded out the top six.

Bernie Miller led the opening circuit of the Don Herman Auto Repair IMCA Sport Mod main before Briana Ambroziak took control for the next six laps. Kevin Bethke then took lap stint as the leader before Jeff Steenbergen moved to the point on lap 8. Over the next 5 laps, a series of cautions kept the field bunched. When the pace picked up again, Steenbergen again took the lead with Tim Warner, Colten Van Hierden and Lucas Lamberies grouped tight behind. The lead was heavily contested with a caution after the white flag, ending the battle with Steeenbergen claiming his first feature win of the season. Warner was the runner up with Van Hierden taking third followed by Lamberies. Tom Schneider started the race dead last and came through to finish fifth with Bethke rounding out the top six.

Mike Klenz burst from the second row to pace the first three laps of the Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified main event. Rob Kroll was hooked on the outside and was scored as the leader for 2 laps before Kenny Richards used the inside line to moved into the top spot on lap 5. Once in the lead, Richards eased into a steady pace to open a lead on the field. By the mid point, the leaders had strung out a bit with plenty of swapping behind as cars tried to make their way to the front. T.J. Smith, Steve Schneider and Brian Drexler fought their way forward with Smith and Schneider breaking into the top six on lap 15. Over the final laps, Smith gained on the 2nd and 3rd duo of Klenz and Krull and took the runner up spot on lap 18. As the field was entering the final corner, a spin caused the caution to end the race with Richards well ahead to claim his first career division feature win. Smith ended the run in second with Krull, and Mike Klenz in the top four. Matt Klenze finished fifth with Drexler claiming the sixth place finish.

Tim Reichenberger led the opening 2 laps as the Gold Star Racing Products Grand National main before Larry Richards powered into the lead and opened a lead.
Reichenberger was running the very outside line with Jesse Cullen, Rich Garb and Tim Simon giving chase on the inside. Several cautions over the final ½ of the race bunched the field, with Larry Richards able to hold the lead after each restart, The competition for the next few spots was tight. Jeff Richards moved into the runner up spot on lap 15 and pressured dad to the finish. Larry claimed his third feature win of the season with Jeff taking second. Simon won the battle for third with Reichenberger settling for fourth Brian Vinney, Jr and Cullen rounded out the top six.

The Nolte’s Auto Repair and Towing Street Stock feature was headed by Lexii Ashcraft for the opening four laps with Jeff Jungwirth, Jeff Richards, Brady Baldry, Chase Solomon and Frank Knaus behind. Jungwirth used the inside line out of turn 2 to take charge on lap 5 with Baldry and Richards moving up by lap 10. Richards was running the far outside line and slowly pulled alongside Jungwith and finally took the lead on lap 15. Jeff Wicinsky was now in third and closing on the leaders. Jungwirth was now charging alongside the leader on the inside with Wicinsky outside, looking for an opening between the pair in front. For the final four laps, the trio was three wide running for the lead. As the white flew, Wicinsky was scored as the leader over Jungwirth as they approached lapped traffic. Richards was still in the mix in third. Through the final turn the pair was side by side and the lapped traffic was outside in front of Wicinsky. At the line, Wicinsky took the checkered for his third feature win of the season, just ahead of Jungwirth with Richards flashing by in third. Ashcraft completed her best run of the season in fourth with Knaus and Baldry rounding out the top six.

Cody Booth took the lead at the start of the Lynn’s Service Center IMCA Sport Compact Dirt Devil feature and pulled away from the field early. Cody Pankow moved into the runner up spot on lap 8 and started to close in on the leader. Pankow caught up to Booth on lap 14 and on the next lap took charge and drove off for his second straight division feature win. Chris Maas worked into the runner up spot with 2 laps left but could not catch Pankow to mount a challenge. Seth Hickman was third with Mitchel Lee Fairbank, Jordan Klemmer and Cole Thomas rounding out the top six.

There will be no racing at the SpeedZone next Friday night because of the Lifefest event on the fairgrounds. Racing will return on Thursday night, July 13, with first ever appearance of the USMTS Modified touring show along with the IMCA Stock Cars and Cowbell Street Stock Tour event. The Friday night schedule returns on July 21,

20 Lap Feature l. Kenny Richards 2. T.J. Smith 3. Rob Krull 4. Mike Klenz 5. Matt Klenz 6. Brian Drexler
8 Lap Heats First l. Mike Klenz 2. John Schultz
Second 1. Richards 2. Matt Klenz

20 Lap Feature l. Travis Van Straten 2. Jeremy Christians 3. Jeff Schmuhl 4. Cory Wegner 5. Jerry Winkler 6. Kevin Hebbe
8 Lap Heats First l. Aaron Stolp 2. Justin Jacobsen
Second l. Christians 2. Winkler

20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Steenbergen 2. Tim Warner 3. Colten Van Hierden 4. Lucas Lamberies 5. Tom Schneider 6. Kevin Bethke
8 Lap Heats First l. Jeff Schmuhl 2. Bernie Miller
Second l. Wayne Morgan 2. Tim Warner
Third l. Steenbergen 2, Briana Ambroziak

20 Lap Feature l Jeff Wicinsky 2, Jeff Jungwirth 3. Jeff Richards 4. Lexii Ashcraft 5. Frank Knaus 6. Brad Baldry
8 Lap Heats First l. Brandon Ross 2. Baldry
Second l. Wicinsky 2. Chase Solomon
Third l. Jungwirth 2. Knaus

20 Lap Feature 1. Larry Richards 2. Jeff Richards 3. Tim Simon 4. Tim Reichenberger 5. Brian Vinney, Jr 6. Fesse Cullen
8 Lap Heats First l. Larry Richards 2. Reichenberger
Second l. Vinney, Jr 2. Jeff Richards

20 Lap Feature l. Cody Pankow 2. Chris Maas 3. Seth Hickman 4. Mitchel Lee Fairbank 5.Jordan Klemmer 6. Cole Thomas

Thank You!

Please if you have not taken down the yellow save the race track sings, please do so. If you were one of the many people who called your Winnebago County Board Supervisor and urged them to vote to save the race track, it would be a special not to call and thank them for their support. Thank you for all your support!

Races Canceled For June 23, 2017

June 22, 2017 – Due to 141 Speedway rescheduling the $10,000.00 Clash at the Creek to Friday June 23rd because of the bad weather on Thursday, the Oshkosh Speedzone will not be racing on Friday. Larry and Jeff had some discussions on what to do whether to race or not, it was decided not to race. We looked at racing Sunday but not getting sanctioning was a deciding factor plus Debbie and Larry were working their full time jobs.

If you had bought advanced sales tickets please contact us so we can get you a refund. Drivers, we will be sending back your checks you had sent to us for your entry fee. Please contact Larry through his email, lstratt@sbcglobal.net for a refund on your tickets.

Next week Friday June 30th will be Dominos night of Fire, there will be fireworks after the races to celebrate our Country’s Freedom.

The following week, July 7 we will be off due to Lifest having their event.

Then Thursday July 13th will be the USMTS Modified Touring series at the Speedzone with IMCA Stock Cars and the newly debuted Street Stock Cow Bell Series. The Bell will ring at 7:00 PM.

The Oshkosh Speedzone is located at 500 East County Rd Y at the Sunnyview Expo Center just off of US Highway 41 and Highway 76.

Follow us in our website, www.oshkoshspeedzone.net or on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/thespeedzone

Race Track

With a vote of 14 yay and 17 nay, Lifest’s request to build a permanent stage o the racetrack has been denied. This means the track will stay. Request for Propasals will be sent out for potential promoters of the county owned race track.