IMCA Stock Car Purse

Oshkosh SpeedZone is happy to announce that 2 sponsors of the 10 car- Karly Stadler is adding money to the IMCA Stock Car’s purse for our Fall Classic. These sponsors are Modern Rentals.LLC in Ripon, One More Pub in Fairwater.


Due to the rain we will not be having a practice. However we are going to try to get in the weekend Fall Classic.

Final County Board Meeting Resolution

Ok friends, this will most likely be the final resolution to go in front of the Winnebago County Board to save the track.


The meeting will be September 20, 2016 at the Winnebago County Courthouse 4th floor at 6:00 PM. We know we have asked for you to come and support us in our efforts in the past and are asking for the last time. Please come and show your support to keep racing in Winnebago County! Thank you again for ALL your support!!!

SpeedZone results, September 2 2016

Oshkosh, September 2 – September ushers in changes in all we do each year. The unoffical end to summer, school starting, football, and the end of weekly racing programs.

A clear, cool day welcomed a nice crowd that watched a field of 160 cars compete in the final regular season racing program of the season Friday night at the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway. In the end, three drivers successfully defended 2015 titles by garnering the crown again in 2016. One added a second title to his career standings and a pair celebrated first career titles.

The Gold Star Racing Products Grand Nationals opened the feature portion of the big night. Jay Schaalma set the pace early with a tight field behind. Following a lap 3 caution, Larry Richards used the fast outside line to secure the elad and start to open a lead. Nick Schumacher, Tim Reichenberger, Kodiak Wirtz, Steve Weber and Jeff Richards were bunched through the mid point of the race. Over the final laps, Richards maintained the fast pace at the helm and took the checkered. Schumacher, Wirtz, Reichenberger, Jeff Richards and Webber rounded out the top six.

Entering the night, Larry was only 6 marks behind in the point chase, the battle was won by collecting his 3rd feature flag of the season, but the war was won by son, Jeff, who with his 5th place finish, garnered his second career SpeedZone track title by 4 points. The results now give each Richards team member, Larry, Jeff and Richard, 2 career titles in the division.

Brandon Ross set the pace for the Outlaw Chassis Street Stock feature for three laps before Adam Crapser powered into the lead using the outside line. Crapser opened a gap as the field sorted out behind. At the mid point, Crapser held a sizable lead with Paul Ambrosius, Jeff Jungwirth, Brady Baldry, Ross, Jeff Wicinsky and Lexii Ashcraft behind. A caution appeared on lap 11 for a spin and bunched the field on the leader. The leader did not look like a rookie on the restart, holding onto the outside line and holding off several challenges before a final caution slowed the race on lap 15. This time, it was Wicinsky that made the run from third to the inside of Crapser on the restart. Ambrosius was still in the hunt, and for a couple laps, it was a three bay battle which Wicinsky was finally able to take control of with 3 laps remaining. Wicinsky drove to his second straight feature win and had Crapser and Ambrosius tight behind at the line. Alex Crapser, edged Jungwirth for the fourth place finish, with Ashcraft rounding out the top six.

Defending champion, Steven Gawaresky, used an 8th place finish to secure his second straight division title.

The Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modifieds put 24 cars out of a tough 40 car field on the feature grid.. Joel Seegert took charge at the start with Rod Solem, Jeff Bodendorfer, Eric Scribner, Mitch Stankowski and Mike Wedelstadt bunched behind. The field never separated and the lead pack stayed close over the first half of the race. The pace seemed to pick up even more as the race moved to the second half, still caution free, Seegert was holding the top spot with Solem, Wedelstadt, Scribner, Jay Matthias, defending and current point leader, Marcus Yarie, andBodendorfer behind.

On lap 17, Solem and Wedelstadt were able to slip by Seegert and one lap later, the caution appeared and set up a furious challenge for the final 2 laps. Solem was now the leader, with Wedelstadt, Seegert, Yarie, Scribner and Matthis behind. Yarie was able to sneek inside Wedelstadt after the restart and moved to the inside of the leader as the pair picked up the white flag. The anticipated close finish was denied bt a last lap spin the forced the dash to end with Solem collecting his first career division feature win, in only his second race of the 2016 season. Yarie settled for the runner up finish, but also secured his second straight division track championship. Wedelstadt took third with Scribner, Stankowski and Brian Drexler rounding out the top six.

The Jim’s Auto Repair IMCA Stock cars put a full 26 car field on the track for their feature event with Dan Nelson claiming the lead at the start followed by Dion Wahl, Chase Parker, Karley Stadler, Harley Simon and David Hoerning. Hoerning made his way to the front and was able to take the elad on lap 7. By the mid point of the race, Hoerning was still in control with Jerry Winkler, defending and current point leader, Travis Van Straten, Jerry Kope, Kyle Frederick and Stadler bunched behind.

Three separate cautions on lap 13 kept things anxious at the front and when racing finally resumed, Winkle was able to make his way to the front and open a slight lead. Frederick pulled into the runner up spot on lap 16but could not close in on Winkler, keeping the field bunched for the second place finish. The final lap was also cut short by a late race caution, which allowed Winkler to take the easy ride to victory lane for the second time this season. Frederick took the runner up spot over Hoerning. Van Straten successfully defended his 2015 title finishing 4th and taking the 2016 campaign by 11 points over Winkler. Sadler finished a strong run holding off Aaron Stolp for the fifth place finish.

The Nolte’s Auto Repair and Towing sponsored IMCA Sport Mod division feature also had a stellar 25 car field on the grid with Grant Plonske leading the opening circuit before Brekken Kelinschmidt took command and opened a lead on the field. By lap 5, Kevin Bethke had moved into second and brought current point leader, Tom Schneider, and Lucas Lamberies along to the front for a tight battle fo the lead. The leaders started to swap positions as they pulled ahead of the field a bit. At the lap 10 mark, Kleinschmidt was still in control with Schneider, Bethke, Lamberies, Chris Budzban and Chase Randerson in persuit. On lap 14, Schneider was able top get to the inside and took over the top spot with Lamberies making a move wide outside to move into second. The first caution of the race appeared on lap 18 and set up a wild finish with Schneider still leading with Bethke, Lamberies, Budzban and Jeff Steenbergen set for the final dash.

On the restart, Lamberies dove from the outside of Bethke to the inside of Schneider entering turn one. The slide job attempt saw the car break lose and slide up into Schneider with contact between the two in turn 2. Both continued with the field storming behind. The side panel dropped off of Schneiders car on the back chute which the field avoided and Schneider collected the white flag. As the field made their way out of turn 2 for the final time, the caution was displayed for the debris, ending the final sprint. Schneider collected his 6th feature win of the season and claimed his first career division track title by 15 points over Bethke, who finished second in the race. Budzban took home the third place finish with Steenbergen in fourth. Cody Schroeder made his first appearance of 2016 and finished fifth with Randerson rounding out the top six.

The Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils ran the final feature of the night with Alvin Testroete leading the way for the first 4 laps before Kasey Gross moved into the top spot and started to opena lead. Jordan Klemmer took up second on lap 6 with current point leader, Chris Maas, moving into third. Shaun Bangart and Nate Lisowe made up the top five at half way. The lone caution of the race came out on lap 14 and erased the lead Gross had built. The field was bunched for the restarrt, and Maas moved into second, and inside Gross. The pair swapped back and forth over the final laps. Gross was leading entering the final lap, but Maas made a final push to retake the top spot and secure his third feature win of the season and along with it, his first career track title at the SpeedZone by 8 points over Gross, also finishing second in the race. Bangert and Lisowe were next with Mike Meier and Klemmer rounding out the top six.

The next event on the schedule is the Crashin’ for a Cause Charity Demolition Derby and Thunder over Wisconsin Fireworks Celebration on Saturday September 17.

The track will host their annual Fall Classic on Friday and Saturday September 23 and 24 with an open practice set for Thursday September 22.



20 Lap Feature l. Rod Solem, Seymour 2. Marcus Yarie, Wausau 3. Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont 4. Eric Scribner, Lena 5. Mitch Stankowski, Shawano 6. Brian Dreler, Oshkosh

8 Lap Consy First l. Ed Lemay, Oakfield 2. Mike Klenz, West Bend

Second l. Mark Schuennemann, Shawano 2. Steve Schneider, Chilton

Third l. Brian Crapser, Milwaukee 2. Kenny Richards, Montello

8 Lap Heats First l. Jeff Bodendorfer 2. Drexler

Second l. Solem 2. Scrobner

Third l. Wedelstadt 2./ Jay Matthias, Green Bay

Fourth Yarie 2. Jeremy Christians, Horicon

Fifth l. Joe Seegert 2.. Stankowski


20 Lap Feature l. Jerry Winkler, Oshkosh 2. Kyle Frederick, Oconto 3. David Hoerning, Appleton 4. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville 5. Karly Stadler, Oshjkosh 6. Aaron Stolp, Milwaukee

8 Lap Heats First l. Winkler 2. Stadler

Second l. Jerry Kope, Oshkosh 2. Van Straten

Third l. Harley Simon, Seymour 2. Steve Hiles, Hortonville


20 lap Feature l. Tom Schneidere, Chilton 2. Kevin Bethke, Neeah 3. Chris Budzban, Luxemurg 4. Jeff Steenbergen 5. Cody Schroeder, Green Bay 6. Chase Randerson, Oshkosh

8 Lap Heats First l. Bethke 2. Randerson

Second l. Brock Saunders, Greenville 2. Schneider

Third l. Steenbergen 2. Greant Plonske


20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Wicinsky, Winneconne 2. Adam Crapser, Milwaukee 3. Paul Ambrosius, Seymour 4. Alex Crapser, Milwaukee 5. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh 6. Lexxi Ashcraft, Oshkosh

8 Lpa Consy l. Joe Minks, Menasha 2. Mike Carter 3. Patty Winkler, Larsen 4. Jason Fairbank, Oshkosh

8 Lap Heats First l. Ambrosius 2. Brady Baldry

Second l. Jesse Krahn, Beaver Dam 2. Jeremy Kemnetz

Third l. Wicinsky 2. Jungwirth


20 Lap Feature l. Larry Richards, Motello 2. Nick Schumacher 3. Kodiak Wirtz,

4. Tim Reichenberger 5. Jeff Richards, Montello 6. Steve Weber

8 Lap Heats First l. Derek Schrauth 2. Jay Schaalma

Second l. Jeff Richards 2. Wirtz


20 Lap Feature l. Chris Maas 2. Kasey Gross 3. Shaun Bangart 4. Nate lisowe 5. Mike Meier 6. Jordan Klemmer

8 Lap Heats First l.Bangart 2. Gross

Second l. Maas 2. Klemmer

Third l. Anthony Fletcher 2. Adam Broehm


Oshkosh, August 26- Friday was a cloudy, late summer day, but that helped track crews provide a smooth fast track for the invasion of the Corn Belt Clash Late Model- George Scheffler Memorial Race at the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway. Add to that, the final round of the IMCA Modified King of the Ring series and the Grand Nationals, a field of 109 cars, including 41, Corn Belt series late models, 47 IMCA Modifieds and 21 Grand National put on a great show.

The Gold Star Racing Products Grand Nationals put 21 cars on the grid with Brian Vinney, Jr grabbing the lead at the start with Tim Doehling, Rich Garb, Todd Ascherlen, Charlie Sancinati and Dan Sorce bunched behind. At the mid point of the event, Vinney continued to set the pace with Doehling relentless behind. Sancinati and Sorce were next in line with Jeff and Kenny Richards moving to the front.

The first caution appeared on lap 13, and Vinney resumed the lead on the restart. Doehling held the runner up spot with Kenny Richards moving into third. Larry Richards, Sancinati, Tim Reichenberger and Jeff Richards were right behind. Doehling was running tight to the inside and on lap 15 was able to get inside the leader in turn one and on the following lap, took over the lead. Kenny Richards followed and pressure to the inside as well. On the following circuit, Richards was able to make a run, getting the nose inside entering turn one. There was contact through the corner with Doehling spinning to the infield out of turn 2, bringing out the caution. Officials called Richards for the incident and put Doehing back at the point, and Richards retired to the pit.

Doehling was able to lead the final 3 laps with Larry Richards making a solid run on the outside, but Doehling was able to claim his first feature win of the season. Jeff Richards took third place with Reichenberger. Vinney, Jr and Sancinati flashing by to complete the top six.

The third leg of the IMCA Modified King of the Ring saw Marcus Yarie and Benji LaCrosse tied for the series lead. Both won their heat races, and started the main event in row 2, It was LaCrosse, that made the early move and took the lead after the opening lap with Dan Roedl, Yarie, Jeremy Christians, Tim Robbins and Brian Drexler behind. LaCrosse hooked mid way up the track and Roedl was running the outside line. The rest of the field was bunched2 and 3 wide behind. Yarie moved up to second on lap 4 and was just behind the leader. A lone caution for a spin appeared on lap 9, with LaCrosse and Yarie still leading the way. Roedl was holding third. Tim Lemirande was the quickest car in the field having moved from his 16th starting spot into fourth for the restart. Drexler and Christians were still in the top six.

With the green flag out for the balance of the 30 lap event, is was flat out throughout the field with LaCrosse and Yarie showing the way. The battle for third remained a tight bunch of cars with plenty of hard racing. By lap 20, the leaders had pulled away a bit with Lemirande running in third. Mike Mullen, Drexler, Roedl, Steve Schneider, Chad Bartel and Chris Engels made the group behind.

LaCrosse was running into lapped traffic and was able to move through while keeping Yarie at bay. That changed on lap 21, when Yarie suddenly pulled off the track to the infield in turn 3, when a belt broke on his car. All that was left for LaCrosse to do was continue to work traffic and he not only won his second race of the series and third of the season, but clinched the King of the Ring tile by completing the 30 lap contest well ahead of Lemirande, his hard charge secured the runner up spot. Mullen won the battle for third. Drexler collected fourth place with Schneider and Bartel rounding out the top six.

The Corn Belt – George Scheffler Memorial feature put 24 cars on the track, and once the green flag appeared, the series pulled off a non-stop 40 lap event for the second straight year.

It took the first 10 laps for the field to sort out a bit with Chris Simpson in the top spot by that time and Jimmy Mars in chase. Mars was able to wrestle the top spot away on lap 12 and when the leaders started to get into lapped traffic a couple laps later, it was in a tight 7 car pack. Despite having Simpson right behind, Mars was able to carefully pick his way through the pack. Once through, the field continued to string out. Mars was able to move where he needed to holding the top spot for the rest of the way. Simpson was able to make several runs, but not a serious challenge for the lead. The cars behind, made a race long battle for the next five spots.

Mars collected his second straight Scheffler Memorial check with Simpson taking runner up honors, Mitch MaGrath spent most of the last half of the race chasing the leaders in third and finished there, with Chad Simpson taking fourth place. Local drivers, Nick Anvelink and Jared Siefert, rounded out the top six places in the stellar field.

The final regular season race will take place on Championship night, this next Friday, September 2 at the SpeedZone. All six regular season divisions will crown their season champions with racing starting at 7 PM.



40 Lap Feature l. Jimmy Mars 2. Chris Simpson 3. Mitch McGrath 4. Chad Simpson 5, Nick Anvelink 6, Jared Siefert 7. Dave Eckrich 8. Paul Parker 9. Doug Blashe 10. David Fieber

12 Lap Consy First l. Fieber

Second l.Jason Autter

10 Lap Heats First l. Eckrich

Second l. Mike Mullen

Third l. Chris Simpson

Fourth l. Nick Anvelink

Fast Qualifier Chris Simpson 15.322


30 Lap King of the Ring Feature l. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay 2. Tim Lemirande, Sun Prairie 3. Mike Mullen, Seymour 4. Brian Drexler, Oshkosh 5. Steve Schneider, Chilton 6. Chad Bartel, Shiocton

10 Lap Consy First l. Lemirande 2. Mark Joski, Green Bay

Second l. T.J. Smith, Menasha 2. Brian Mullen, Seymour

Third l. Matt Klenz, West Bend 2. Eric Scribner, Lena

8 Lap Heats First l. Marcus Yarie, Wausau 2. Jeremy Christians, Horicon

Second l. Dan Roedl, Beaver Dam 2. Mike Mullen

Third l. Chris Engels, Green Bay 2. Brian Crapser, Milwaukee

Fourth l. Schneider 2. Drexler

Fifth l. LaCrosse 2. Tim Robbins, Omro


20 Lap Feature l. Tim Doehling, Omro 2. Larry Richards, Montello 3. Jeff Richards, Montello 4. Tim Reichenberger, Oshkosh 5. Brian Vinney, Jr 6. Charlie Sancinati, Two Rivers

8 Lap Heats First l. Kenny Richards, Montello 2. Sancinati

Second l. Jeff Richards 2. Doehling

Third l. Dan Sorce, Sheboygan 2. Derek Schrauth

Friday August 26 Running Order

Running order for August 26th, 2016
6:00 LM hot laps
6:30 LM Qualifying
6:55 National Anthem …
7:00 Racing
Grand Nationals
IMCA Modified’s
Cornbelt Late Models
same order
Grand Nationals
IMCA Modified’s
Cornbelt Late Models

SpeedZone results August 19, 2016

Oshkosh, August 19 – A steady all morning rain combined with a very hot, humid, still night, and a hard working track crew, provided a very racey 1/3 mile oval for racing to resume Friday night at the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway, following 2 weeks off.

A field of 118 cars checked in for the activities that produced 2 repeat and 4 first time feature winners this season.

The Nolte’s Auto Repair and Towing IMCA Sport Mods were up first with 24 cars taking the green flag. Brekken Kleinschmidt took the early lead with the cars from mid pack quickly moving forward and bunching up behind. Point leader, Tom Schneider, made the move to the lead after a lone caution on lap 5, and opened a lead as the field sorted out behind for the next couple laps. On lap 9, Jeff Steenbergen and Wyatt Block broke into the top three and set out after Schneider. Kleinschmidt, Jeff Schmuhl, Colten Van Hierden and Scott Besaw were bunched behind. By lap 12, Schneider was joined at the front and the leaders were running through lapped traffic. Steenbergen was able to slip between cars and took the lead on lap 16 and was chased over the final 4 laps to claim his first SpeedZone feature win of the season. Schneider took runner up hnors with Schmuhl, Van Hierden, Block and Ryan Besaw rounding out the top six.

Nick Goemann led the opening circuit of the Gold Star Racing Product Grand National main with Tim Reichenberger taking over on lap 2. Tim Doehling, Larry Richards, Chase Solomon, Brian Gilles and Jeff Richards ran behind when the lone caution of the race flew on lap 6 for a 2 car crash in turn 1 & 2. Reichenberger continued to set the pace with Larry Richards moving to the outside to challenge. As the mid point passed, Richards pulled off the pass for the lead and set out to hide from the pack behind. Jeff Richards, Doehlng, Gilles and Brian Vinney Jr were right behind Reichenberger. Jeff Richards moved into the runner up spot on lap 14 and set out after dad, Larry, and quickly moved behind. It was a Richards show to the finish with several laps running side by side for the lead. Jeff finally inched ahead with 3 laps left and drove on to claim his second straight and third feature wins of the season. Doehling made the podium finish in third with Gilles, Vinney and Reichenberger rounding out the top six.

The Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modifieds also put a full 24 car field on the grid. Kevin Feck grabbed the top spot on the start and led through several cautions over the first 8 laps. After the lap 8 restart, Feck was till in command with Steve Schneider taking over second from Tim Robbins. Point leader, Marcus Yarie moved from mid pack into fourth. Mike Wedelstadt and Ed Lemay were right behind. Feck set a furious pace and held a couple length lead through the mid point of the race on Schneider. The cars behind were running in a tight pack. Feck was still holding the lead margin when a red flag for a rollover appeared on lap 16. The driver was OK and this bunched the entire field for the final 4 lap dash.

Feck was able to with stand the pressure from Schneider and Yarie and drove to collect his first career feature victory. Kenny Richards made an impressable first time showing in the top division, coming in to finish 4th. Chad Bartel made another strong run from the back of the field to take fifth and Robbins was able to round out the top six spots.

The Outlaw Chassis Street Stock feature was a fast and furious event from start to finish.

Adam Crapser started outside pole and settled right into a groove running mid track. Jeff Wicinsky took up second and was running the inside of the track and Alex Crapser pulled right up behind in third. The trio opened a lead on the field over the first half of the race with Adam running his line to perfection. Jesse Krahn, point leader, Steve Gawaresky, Frank Knaus and Jeff Jungwirth were in a battle of their own a bit behind the leaders.

After half way, the pressure was on up front as Wicinsky was starting to pressure the leader hard on the inside, and they were catching the slower cars at the rear of the pack. The second group of cars were also starting to close in on the lead pack. On lap 15, Wicinsky was getting to the inside of the leader, when lapped cars got in the mix. On the following lap, out of turn 4, Adam had his momentum altered when he ran up behind a lapped car which allowed Wicinsky to get his best run at the lead, only to have a spin bring out the first caution of the race and put Crapser back at the point. Another caution on the restart kept the leaders the same, although Wicinsky was looking to move to the point as soon as he could. On the final restart on lap18, Wicinsky was able to move to the point, but on the next lap, in turn one, Adam again pulled even on the outside and brother, Alex, pulled even on the inside, making a three wide run out of the turn for the lead. Wicinsky was able to outrun the pair into turn three and collect the white flag. Over the final lap, Adam kept the pressure on the outside but Wicinsky was up to the final run and took his first feature win of the season with Adam Crapser finishing the strong run taking second. Alex Crapser took third with Krahn, Knaus and Jungwirth rounding out the top six.

The Jim’s Auto Repair IMCA Stock Cars were up to do battle with Corey Wegner leading the opening circuit before Kevin Hebbe moved to the point for 2 laps. Aaron Stolp hooked up on the outside from mid pack and took over the lead on lap 5. David Hoerning pulled into the runner up spot on the next lap with point leader, Travis Van Straten, making his way to the front from mid pack, using the inside line along with Jerry Winkler. Stolp and Hoerning swapped the lead for a couple laps with Stolp again settling into the top spot on lap 9 with Van Straten taking over second. One lap later, Van Straten secured the top spot and 2 laps later, Winkler passed Stolp to take the runner up spot and pull up on the leader.

For the final 7 laps, Winkler tried several times to pull alongside, but could not pull it off. Van Straten was up to challenge and drove off to secure his 7th feature win of the season. Winkler took second with Stolp ending up in third. Hebbe completed his strongest runoff the summer, putting his car into the top 4. Jerry Kope ran with the leaders over the final half of the race and took fifth with Wegner rounding out the top six.

Jordan Klemmer settled into the lead at the start of the Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devil night cap. By lap 5, Chris Maas, Kasey Gross and Cody Pankow were grouped behind. Maas worked on the leader and finally pulled into the lead on lap 11. Pankow pulled off the pass on Gross and for four laps, the leaders ran side by side for the top spot with Pankow finally taking over the lead with 5 laps left. Taylor Becher was making a late race run the leaders, but had his race cut short when his car erupted in flames on lap l8, bringing out the red flag, the only slow down of the race. He was OK but car was toasted pretty well. Pankow restarted and drove off to collect his first feature win of the year here while the battle for second came down to the finish line with Gross taking the advantage over Maas. Wes Langwitz, Klemmer and Seth Hickman rounded out the top six.

Next Friday night, the SpeedZone will play host to the 8th Annual George Scheffler Memorial race which will feature the Corn Belt Clash Late Models. The big night will also feature the final round of the IMCA Modified King of the Ring series. The Grand Nationals will also be part of the program. Racing will start at 7 PM.



20 Lap Feature l. Kevin Feck 2. Steve Schneider 3. Marcus Yarie 4. Kenny Richards 5. Chad Bartel 6. Tim Robbins

8 Lap Heats First l. Brian Crapser 2. Matt Klenz

Second l. Yarie 2. Mike Klenz

Third l. Feck 2. Robbins


20 Lap Feature l. Travis Van Straten 2. Jewrry Winkler 3. Aaron Stolp 4. Kevin Hebbe 5. Jerry Kope 6Cory Wegner

8 Lap Heats First l. Stolp 2. Van Straten

Second l. Winkler 2. David Hoerning


20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Steenbergen 2. Tom Schneider 3. Jeff Schmuhl 4. Colten Van Hierden 56. Wyatt Block 6. Ryan Besaw

8 Lap Heats First l. Scott Besaw 2. Schneider

Second l. Brock Saunders 2. Schmuhl

Third l. Steenbergen 2. Dennis Schultz


20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Wicinsky 2. Adam Crapser 3. Alex Crapser 4. Jesse Krahn 5. Frank Knaus 6. Jeff Jungwirth

8 Lap Heats First l. Franks Knaus 2. Jungwirth

Second l. Adam Crapser 2. Alex Crapser

Third l. Wicinsky 2. Krahn


20 Lap Feature l Jeff Richards 2. Larry Richards 3. Tim Doehling 4. Brian Gilles 5. Brian Vinney, Jr 6. Tim Reichenberger

8 Lap Heats First l. Larry Richards 2. Doehling

Second 1. Jeff Richards 2. Vinney, Jr


20 Lap Feature 1. Cody Pankow 2. Kasey Gross 3, Chris Maas 4. Wes Lungwitz 5. Jordan Klemmer 6. Seth Hickman

8 Lap Heats First l. Maas 2. Klemmer

Second Gross 2. Pankow