IT’S NOT OVER.. TIL IT’S OVER! Last lap passes for the win thrill fans at The Zone!

Winkler Captures Street Stock Special, Sean Jerovetz Victory Sets Mod Point Tie

Oshkosh, WI, August 2, 2013 – On Friday evening at Oshkosh Speedzone, having the lead with two laps to go didn’t assure you victory, in fact in four out of the five feature events if you were leading, at that point you didn’t win the race. For fans in the stands your seat was not even necessary with the thrill of those last minute passes.

The show was presented by Knaus Cheese and Weyauwega Star Dairy named in honor of the late Leroy Dehn. Fans were treated to a special street stock portion of the program in addition to a full point show for all other classes. As part of the event Street Stocks turned in qualifying laps to set positions for the night. Justin Lindner would top qualifying with a lap of 19.849 seconds to establish himself as the fast qualifier. Former division champs Shawn Haydon and Jerry Winkler were second and third quick respectively.

In the feature contested for the Total Power Sales Street Stocks, Winkler who had been chasing Richard Garb for much of the contest managed to work under Garb for the top spot after the white flag fell and then fending off a final turn passing attempt by Steven Gawaresky he held on for the win in the extended 30 lap main event.

The Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified feature had a very similar finish with Travis Spaulding having lead 19 of the 20 lap contest turning flawless laps in the high groove with title contender Sean Jerovetz less than a car length behind the entire time. On the last lap Spaulding slipped slightly taking the time to correct his direction giving Jerovetz an opportunity to work to the inside of Spaulding. Jerovetz and Spaulding ran wheel to wheel to the checkered flag with Jerovetz winning the event by less than a car length. As a result of the victory Sean Jerovetz is not tied with his cousin Troy Jerovetz atop the season long point chase.

The Hansel Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds played out almost identically to last week with Brock Saunders leading much of the race being chased by first year sport mod driver Steve Schneider. Saunders appeared to have the speed to beat Schneider this week until he made contact with the wall in the closing laps. The incident affected the handling of his machine slowing his pace and Schneider would work by for the top spot on lap 18. The two had accepted the white flag when a final caution appeared placing Schneider in victory lane for the third time this season.

The Mutual Insurance Dirt Devil contest came down to the final turn. Race leader Jason Fairbank was being pressured for the lead by Shaun Bangart when the pair encountered a lapped car. Fairbank opted to go low and Bangart used the high line. Bangart’s choice proved to be the correct one as he reached the finish line first by less than a fender length.

While the Outlaw Chassis Grand National feature didn’t have a last lap pass it did have plenty of drama, as race leader Tim Reichenberger had his car start showing smoke with four laps to go. Reichenberger’s huge lead began to shrink with each passing lap as his engine began to expire. His power plant was able to remain running long enough to reach the finish line besting a fast closing Jeff Richards for the win.

The focus of the nights show was on a special Street Stock program and 30 lap main event showcased 24 drivers with the field set by qualifying. Richard Garb who had started outside the front row took the lead on the opening lap while the field sorted itself out often fanning out three and four wide in the process.

Deep in the field Jerry Winkler was making a bold charge having moved into third by lap three and less than a lap later he worked under Dan Knaus for second.

Out front it was Garb, running the extreme high groove and making it work as he slowly edged away from the pack. A caution on lap six restacked the field. As the green flag flew Winker immediately dove under Garb to try and take the top spot but Garb continued to work the high line to gain momentum down the straights and resumed leading the contest.

Just a bit further back Steven Gawaresky was using the opposite tactic, clinging to the inside line and slowly clawing his way forward making his way to third by lap ten.

The battle for the top spot soon became a three way tussle with both Winkler and Gawaresky nipping at the rear bumper of Garb. Garb was able to barely maintain his lead spot while second place swapped back and forth. The second and final caution of the race flew on lap 24 when Steve Krahn spun in turn three.

In the six lap dash to the checkered Garb again proved his mastery of the high line while Winkler briefly stumbled falling back to fourth before turning in an impressive charge. Over the final laps Winkler worked back to the second spot and then closed on Garb’s rear bumper as the white flag flew.

Garb drifted a bit high entering turn two and corrected getting a bit sideways. Winkler would squeeze past as did Gawaresky the trio charged down the backstretch. Winkler drove hard into the final two turns as Gawaresky worked the bottom groove but it was Winkler’s momentum taking him to the wire first to seal the win. Gawaresky, Garb, the evening’s fast qualifier Justin Linder and Mark Schultz completed the top five runners.

The Automotive Supply Company Modified main event has a very similar feel to it. Travis Spaulding was ahead of the pack at the conclusion of lap one, using a high line which is Spaulding’s preferred line around the raceway. It proved to be quick as he began to build a small lead while second place shuffled between drivers. A spin Pat Toetz briefly slowed the pace in lap two.

Spaulding again set sail at the drop of the green flag while T.J. Smith worked into the second spot. Sean Jerovetz who had started mid pack got an excellent restart flying past several cars and eventually working to the high side of Smith taking away the position two before the caution flew for a Chris Engels spin.

The lead pair of Spaulding and Jerovetz would leave Smith and the rest of the field behind as the duo waged a private battle for the lead. Spaulding was flawless in his trips around the track and Jerovetz was unable to find a way to the top spot.

With six laps to go when Mike Mueller came to a stop in turn three bringing out yellow number three and one more lap went in the books before a final caution appeared. On the restart Spaulding would show the way with Jerovetz fending off Mike Wedelstadt, Smith and Brian Drexler as the top five did battle for the win.

Spaulding again went back to the proven high line and Jerovetz was glued to his tire tracks. Drexler the defending division champion moved into the third spot with two laps to go but was unable to close on the leaders.

The white flag waved with Spaulding in the lead but he drifted high in turn two allowing Jerovetz to work to his inside. Jerovetz would have the momentum into the final two turns coming away with the victory. Spaulding would have to settle for second with Drexler, Mike Klenz and Smith comprising the top five.

The IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds saw Brock Saunders do exactly what Spaulding had done in the Modifieds and that was to work the high line to perfection for most of the event. Saunders had taken the lead from Scott Howe in the early laps of the contest and proceeded to pull away from the field. Rob Krull worked into the second spot by lap five with Steve Schneider in tow. Krull’s time in the second position came to an end when Schneider took the position on lap eight.

Out front Saunders was clicking off very quick laps having nearly a full straightaway lead on Schneider who couldn’t seem to cut into his lead. Current point leader Todd Wiese held down third as the halfway point of the event was reached.

With five laps to go Saunders drifted high on the backstretch and slapped the wall, while this allowed Schneider to close only slightly it soon became apparent that Saunders affected the handling of his machine having to slow his pace and allowing Schneider to reel him in. With two laps to go Schneider caught Saunders and quickly flew by taking the lead. The pair raced under the white flag only to have the caution appear thus ending the event as a race is considered complete once the white flag is shown. Schneider was awarded the win and for the second straight week Saunders finished with runner-up honors. Cody Hokenstad worked up to third by the finish with Wiese and Krull the top five.

The Outlaw Chassis Grand Nationals main event was about domination, as Tim Reichenberger was the class of the field leaving everyone to battle for second spot. Second place proved to be intense as Jeff Richards and Jim Rhode traded the spot and some paint all while Reichenberger continued to pull away.

By the halfway point Reichenberger had built up a full straightaway lead. The race would soon become much more eventful but not in a way Reichenberger wanted. His car began showing signs of smoke with four laps to go and it continued to increase as the race wore on. With two laps left his pace began to slow as his engine stumbled. Meanwhile the battle for second continued with drivers able to see Reichenberger’s smoking machine.

Reichenberger’s lead was cut in half by the time the white flag flew with his pace continuing to slow. He would nurse is car to the finish for the win over a fast closing Richards. Brian Henry would best Rhode for third with Terry Van Roy completing the top five.

The final race of the night again had plenty of drama with drivers mixing it up three and four wide while Jason Fairbank and Shaun Bangart established themselves at the front of the field. Fairbank had a two car length lead with two laps to go in the contest but Bangart sliced half that margin to one as the white flag flew. The lead duo was rapidly running down the lapped machine of Joey Holtz reaching him in the final turn. Bangart swung to the outside to maintain momentum while Fairbank dove under Holtz. Bangart’s decision would be the correct one allowing him to reach the finish first by a fender length over Fairbank. Matt Brehmer, point leader Mike Montie and Chris Maas were the top five finishers.

Fans wanting to see more of Oshkosh Speedzone’s action won’t have to wait long as the track is back in action this Tuesday Night for a special fair race on August 6th.

Truly a family event it’s fun for family members of all ages who will be able to see all the activities a county fair has to offer and then wrap up the day of family fun with an action packed evening at the races.

Once again all five divisions will be in action with a complete point program.

Fair attendees can use their general admission pass to witness the racing action which will be taking place on the third-mile clay oval. The fair admission includes admission onto grounds, grandstand shows and unlimited rides, this includes the ability to attend the races at no additional charge above the cost of a fair admission ticket. The fair officially opens at 5:00pm, with racing action set to take place at 7:00pm.

Advance tickets into the fair are just $10 if tickets are purchased by Monday, August 5th. General admission fair tickets purchased at the gate will be $12. To receive the discount fair admission tickets must be pre-ordered prior to Monday, August 5th.

Tickets can be purchased online at

There is no regular racing taking place on Friday night August 9th, but you will be sure to want to catch the action the following week on August 16th as action resumes with the CitizensFirst/B-104 Kid's Ride Along Night. A complete point program will take place for all five weekly divisions. In addition to a full racing program young fans will have a chance to ride along with their favorite drivers prior to the show as they get a chance to parade around the track in a race car.

Fans can print out the 2013 season schedule by visiting the track website at . When visiting the website fans are encouraged to sign-up for the free track newsletter which features weekly updates throughout the season along with photos, videos, interviews and more. Oshkosh Speedzone can also be found on Facebook at

Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway is a 1/3 mile semi-banked clay oval located at the Sunnyview Expo Center which resides near the intersection of Highways 76 and County Trunk Y in Oshkosh.



Feature (Top 15): 1.) Sean Jerovetz; 2.) Travis Spaulding; 3. ) Brian Drexler; 4. ) Mike Klenz; 5.) T.J. Smith; 6.) Mike Wedelstadt; 7.) Jerry Muenster; 8.) Chris Engels; 9.) Troy Jerovetz; 10.) Matt Klenz; 11.) John Schultz; 12.) Eddie LeMay; 13.) Dennis Schultz; 14.) Rick Robbins; 15.) Tim Robbins

First Heat: 1.) Spaulding; 2.) Lemay; 3.) Wedelstadt
Second Heat: 1.) Marcus Yarie; 2.) J. Schultz; 3.) D. Schultz
Third Heat: 1.) S. Jerovetz; 2.) Engels; 3.) Smith


Feature (Top 15): 1.) Steve Schneider; 2.) Brock Saunders; 3.) Cody Hokenstad; 4.) Todd Wiese; 5.) Rob Krull; 6.) Clint Forestner; 7.) Kevin Bethke; 8.) Jon Schultz; 9.) Colten Von Hierden; 10.) Scott Howe; 11.) Robby Thiel; 12.) Kelsy Hayes; 13.) Justin Woller; 14.) Dion Wahl; 15.) Bernie Miller

First Heat: 1.) Schneider; 2.) Bethke; 3.) Forestner
Second Heat: 1.) Howe; 2.) Miller; 3.) Wiese
Third Heat: 1.) Hokenstad; 2.) Saunders; 3.) Krull


Feature (Top 10): 1. Tim Reichenberger; 2.) Jeff Richards; 3.) Brian Henry; 4.) Jim Rhode; 5.) Terry Van Roy; 6.) Larry Richards; 7.) Tim Doehling; 8.) Tom Schneider; 9.) Brad Juckem; 10.) Terry Schoppenhorst

First Heat: 1.) Reichenberger; 2.) Rhode; 3.) J. Richards
Second Heat: 1.) Doehling; 2.) Schneider; 3.) Henry


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Jerry Winkler; 2.) Steve Gawaresky; 3.) Richard Garb; 4.) Justin Lindner; 5.) Mark Schultz; 6.) Jeff Jungwirth; 7.) Dan Knaus; 8.) Shawn Haydon; 9.) Jerry Kope; 10.) David Hoerning

First Heat: 1.) J. Winkler; 2.) Schultz; 3.) Patty Winkler
Second Heat: 1.) Garb; 2.) Jon Ashcraft; 3.) Haydon
Third Heat: 1.) Charles Hummelmier; 2.) D. Knaus; 3.) Hoerning
Qualifying (Top 6): 1.) Lindner, 19.849 seconds; 2). Haydon, 19.989 secs; 3.) Winkler, 20.197secs; 4.) Jim Pollnow, 20.215; 5. (tie)) Gawaresky, 20.269; Jerry Kope, 20.269


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Shaun Bangart; 2.) Jason Fairbank; 3.) Matt Brehmer; 4.) Mike Montie; 5.) Chris Maas; 6.) Dan Juszczyk; 7.) Rachel Kallas; 8.) Erik Kollmann; 9.) Ben Meyerhofer; 10.) Rick Fairbank

First Heat: 1.) J. Fairbank; 2.) Patrick Klawitter; 3.) Meyerhofer
Second Heat: 1.) Montie; 2.) Bangart; 3.) Kallas
Third Heat: 1.) Brehmer; 2.) Juszczyk; 3.) Maas