Mid-Season at Oshkosh Speedzone

The Oshkosh Speedzone as well as many other tracks is at the half way of the race season. During the first half of the season there was some great racing going on as well as some blunders. We are looking a great second half of the season to come. There are many close races going on like the Miller Lite Grand Nationals where there is just 5 points separating 1-5 positions and many other close points’ races going on.

We would like to thank everyone who comes to the races week in and week out and those that pop in when they can. Some nights it was cold and some of them were, well let’s just say “HOT”. The Speedzone staff has been doing a great job but there is always room for improvement. We will continue to listen to drivers, sponsors fans or anyone who has a comment, please let us know.

Some calls made on the track have been calls that the drivers have asked for in the off season at our monthly meetings. I am going to comment on one track procedure that has many people talking, the “Contact” rule. When a driver or several drivers are involved in an incident, all involved will go to the back of the heat, concy or feature races. This call may not be popular with some fans or drivers but the drivers asked and we are doing what they ask. Also, the drivers want us to use the black flag more but yet when they get it for what ever reason they don’t agree.

We would just like to say thank you for a good first half of the season and look forward to a great second half of the year.

Yours in Racing,
Jeff Lemiesz
Larry Stratton
Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway