No USRA in 2011

Thank you everyone for taking the time to look over the survey. At this time we are not planning on going USRA, not to say that it may happen in the future, who's to know. There are enough differances that if we are the only track we would be on an island, we do not want to go there. Our rules mirror IMCA right down to the claim proceedure,
Larry and I wanted to test the waters and see where it goes. The results were about 50/50 one way or the other.

Are we still looking at IMCA, yes but who knows there too. With Antigo situation who knows there.

Are plans as of right now is to stay the way we are. If things change we will let everyone know. One thing I can tell you is that we are planning on bumping up our "B" Main payout. We felt that it was a little low so we are bumping it up.

With us adding the Sport Mods, the pay will be the same or higher than the other tracks that are out there. If the car count goes up the way we think it will, we will increase their total purse also to be close to what our Street Stock pay is.

We are looking at 2011 as a bigger and better year than the past 5 years. We just signed and the county approaved the next contract so we will be here for another 3 year term with the rights to another 3 to 5 year extention. We also have brought in some personal that we feel will benefit the track and racing at Oshkosh.

For now, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Speedzone staff.
Jeff & Larry