(OSHKOSH, WI) May 24, 2012
The Oshkosh Speedzone management team is announcing a couple of position changes for the 2012 race season.

Race promoter Larry Stratton went on record saying the Speedzone was due for a change. We back all our staff and if we feel we need to make a change due to various reasons we will to keep the Speedzone on top.

We are proud to announce that David Gracyalny has accepted the position of head flagman. Dave flags at several area tracks and comes highly recommended.
Race Promoter Jeff Lemiesz also is making changes in the scoring tower. With everything that went on last week we had to do something to make our scoring area better. We used a new line up program from the start of this year to help accommodate up to a 24 car feature, and we found out that it has issues that effected every aspect of the program. We are going back to our older version and also adding manual line up procedures to verify the positions. This should help or eliminate all line-up issues with the exception of when a driver forgets to sign-in, we have no control over that area. If a driver does forget to sign in they will be considered late and be placed at the end of line-ups.

This Friday May 25 Bennett Family Insurance will sponsor the Kids Ride along. We will start the ride along at 6:15 and go to 6:45 pm and have many give a ways throughout the night.

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Oshkosh Speedzone is located at 460 E. County Rd Y, Sunnyview Expo Center Oshkosh, WI. For more information call (920) 279-9096 or (920) 252-1463.
Track phone number is (920)-426-1111