Oshkosh SpeedZone results June 27

Oshkosh, June 27- The weather co-operated and offered a perfect night for racing at the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway Friday night. 112 cars checked in a had a smooth fast track all night long that produced four repeat feature winners and 2 that recorded their first of the season.

Don Schumacher set the pace as the Gold Star Racing Product Grand Nationals took the green followed by Troy Welch, Larry Richards, Jeff Richards and Terry Van Roy. On lap 5, Larry Richards moved into the top spot and 2 laps later, son Jeff, pulled into the runner up spot. Following the lone caution of the race on lap 8, the Richards drivers slowly pulled away from the pack with Tim Reichenberger, Van Roy, Schumacher and Brian Henry behind. Larry Richards continued to lead the way until Jeff picked up the outside groove with 5 laps left and started to challenge for the lead. They ran side by side for a couple laps before Jeff was able to pull ahead and hold off dad for his second feature win of the season. Reichenberger, Henry, Van Roy and point leader Charlie Sancinati rounded out the top six until post race inspections dropped both Reichenberger and Heny from the front which moved Tom Schneider and Schumacher into the top six.

Robby Thiel claimed the lead in the IMCA Sport Mod main as Steve Schneider quickly moved to the front from row 4, taking the lead on lap 4. Schneider was able to maintain the top spot through 6 cautions that kept the field bunched. Jon Schultz, Ryan Besaw, Thiel and Todd Wiese ran in a pack after the leader. With 5 laps remaining, Schultz hooked up on the outside and started to reel in the leader. When the final caution appeared on lap 18, Schultz had pulled alongside of Schneider and set up a three lap dash. Schneider stayed low and Schultz again went high, Besaw and Brock Saunders were right behind the leaders. On the final lap, Schultz drifted out a bit exiting turn 4 which allowed Schneider to claim his 4th feature win of the season. Schultz held off Besaw for the runner up finish. Saunders took fourth with Colten Van Hierden and Thiel rounding out the top six.

The Outlaw Chassis Street Stocks also ran a caution plagued main event with Wayne Morgan setting the pace for the opening lap before Steve Ecker took charge on the second lap. Jonny Ashcraft moved into second on the same lap and after hounding the rookie driver, was able to sneak inside and take the lead on lap 9. Mark Schultz,Rich Garb and Jerry Winkler were right behind the leaders. Ashcraft was running inside and Ecker was running the outside. The front 6 stayed under a blanket the entire distance.

Ecker continued to hound Ashcraft for the top spot and reclaimed the lead on lap 16. Following the final caution one lap later, Schultz was able to take the second spot from Ashcraft and charged up on the leader. Ecker was able to withstand the pressure and claim his first ever SpeedZone feature with Schultz taking the runner up spot. Ashcraft took third with Winkler coming from the back after a spin to take fourth. Garb was fifth and Dan Knaus rounded out the top six.

The Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified main was next with Dan Roedl taking charge followed by Andy Gross, Johgn Schultz, Mike Klenz, Taylor Scheffler, Criag Priewe and Marcus Yarie. Following a lap 8 restart, Shultz moved into the elad and Klenz took over second and Yarie moved up into third. The top 3 swapped spots several times with Klenz taking a shot at leader on lap 12. A caution on lap 12 saw Yarie in second and on the restart, Yarie was able to pull alongside and take over the lead. Once in front, Yarie had to withstand one final caution before running off with his second feature win of the season. Jeremy Christians made a late race run to take the runner up spot with point leader, Sean Jerovetz, also charging to the front to claim third. Klenz took 4th with Jerry Muenster in fifth and Ed Lumay rouding out the top six.

The Total Power Sales IMCA Stock Cars had Justin Jacobsen lay claim to the top spot on the opening circuit wit Larry Karcz, Jr taking second with David Hoerning, John Heinz and Dylan Heilmann behind. By lap 5 Jacobsen was still leading with Karcz and Hienz side by side for second right behind. The battle was a three car contest the entire way, with Jacobsen able to deal with the pressure. Karcz went to the high side and retook the runner up spot with 5 laps remaining and pulled alongside Jacobsen. Karcz was scored as the leader as the white appeared and was bale to hang on to collect his first ever SpeedZone feature win and also his first feature win of the season. Jacobsen finished in second with Heinz in third. Cody Scray finished the run in fourth with Heilmann taking fifth and Greg Wichman rounding out the top six.

Alex Seidl grabbed the lead in the Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devil main followed by Kasey Gross, Shaun Bangart, EriK Kollmann and Jason Fairbank. Fairback moved intop third on lap 7 and joind Gross and Bangert for the lead. For the rest of the race, the trio gave it their all, swapping the lead back and fourth running three wide several times. Fairbank was able to move to the front on Lap 17 and was able to hold off all challenges to give himself a great birthday present by winning his 3rd feature win of the season. Gross was second with Bangart third. Joe Minks was able to come to the front and take fourth with Kollmann fifth and Mitchell Fairbacks sixth.

Next Friday is the 4th of July and an complete six division program will be presented at the SpeedZone sponsored by Domino’s Pizza. The night will be capped by a Night of Fire, fireworks dislay.

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20 Lap Feature l. Marcus Yarie 2. Jeremy Christians 3. Sean jerovetz 4. Mike Klenz 5, Jerry Muenster 6. Ed Lemay

12 Lpa Consy l. Muenster 2. Chris Engels 3., Mike Sandholm 4, Adan Reed

8 Lap heats First l. Taylor Schefffler 2. Craig Priewe

Second l., Dan Roedl 2. John Schultz

Third l. Jerovetz 2. Klenz


20 Lap Feature l. L:arry Karcz, Jr 2. Justin Jacobsen 3. John Heinz 4. Cody Scray

5. Dylan Heilamnn 6. Greg Wichman

8 Lap Heats First l. Heinz 2. Karcz

Secomnd l. Travis Van Straten 2. Jacobsen


20 Lap Feature l. Steve Ecker 2, Mark Schultz 3. Jonny Ashcraft 4. Erry Winkledr 5. Rich Garb 6. Dan Knaus

8 Lap Heats First l. Ashcraft 2. Garb

Second l. Jesse Krahn 2, Jerry Winkler

Third l. Scott Riedner 2. Jeff Wicinski


20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Richards 2. Larry Richards 3. Terry Van Roy 4. Charlie Sancinati 5. Ton Schneider 6. Don Schumacher

8 Lap Heats First l. Larry Richards 2. Ben Stumpf

Second l. Jeff Richards 2. Van Roy


20 Lap feature l. Steve Schneider 2. Jon Schultz 3. Ryan Besaw 4. Brock Saunders 5. Colten Van Hierden 6. Robby Thiel

8 Lap Heats First l. Thiel 2. Besaw

Second l. Schneider 2. Kevin Bethke


20 Lap featre l. Jason Fairbank 2. Kasey Gross 3. Shaun Bangart 4. Joe Minks 5. Erik Kollmann 6. Mitchell Fairbank

8 Lap Heats First l. Bangart 2.Kollmann

Second l. Gross 2. Jason Fairbank