Our Condolences

With great regret, the Speedzone has lost a friend and one of the original track workers this past week. Richard (Tootie) Salzieder was called to serve his maker on Tuesday January 4, 2011, he was 57 years old. Tootie was battling Diabetes for several years when it just too much for him to handle.

Richard, better known as Tootie, was one of the first track workers for the Speedzone when the track first opened back in 1999. His mother told me at the funeral that Tootie had told her that he was so excited for the track to open and be given a chance to work at the track, he would have paid to work there.

Tootie was more than a track worker as well as all the original crew were, they were family and would do whatever you asked them to do for the track. Tootie will be greatly missed and we will remember him for many things he did for the Speedzone.

Rest in peace my friend,
Jeff Lemiesz