Record Setting Season Opener at "The Zone"!

Sean Jerovetz Outduels Tim Lemirande for IMCA Mod Checkers in star filled main event!

Oshkosh, WI, April 26, 2013 – “Wow … just wow”. That phrase pretty much sums up the opening night at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway. Though the start of the 2013 racing season is Wisconsin has been delayed by a late arriving spring racing season as at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway got underway with a vengeance. The season opening show presented by WXMM County Radio 92.9 proved to be a record setting event as drivers and fans traveled far and wide to witness the first dirt track racing event in the state of Wisconsin this year. The third mile clay oval played host to a weekly race record 141 cars which had entered the pit area breaking the mark of 133 set on May 18th of last year.

Sean Jerovetz would engage Tim Lemirande in a duel throughout the closing laps of a hotly contested Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified feature contest. In the end Jerovetz was able to take the checkered flag by less than a car length over Lemirande. A weekly record setting 45 participants had signed into the pit area once again establishing Oshkosh Speedzone as Wisconsin’s Modified Action Track. In the Hansel Trucking IMCA Sport Modifieds Jeff Steenbergen showcased his newly constructed machine taking top honors after a thrilling wheel to wheel battle with Jon Schultz. The Total Power Sales Street Stocks saw Jerry Kope charge from third to first on the final lap of the main event to grab the win. Tim Reichenberger dominated the Outlaw Chassis Grand National feature and Mike Montie last year’s most prolific winner in the four cylinders captured tonight’s top honors in the Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils.

The Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified main event showcased talent that represented dozens of track titles from area raceways. Sean Jerovetz a former champion at the 141 Speedway would have the best view in the house starting from the pole position in the 20 lap contest. While on paper it would appear Jerovetz had the race well in hand holding fast to the top spot on the lap charts the reality was far different.

The race itself would prove unsettled as in the early portions of the contest had several minor tangles occurring during the first three laps. Officials opted for a single file restart and the event finally saw its first green flag stretch with Sean Jerovetz establishing the lead. Lemirande would rumble past Johnny Whitman for second by lap five and look to the high side of Sean Jerovetz in effort to wrestle away the top spot. Likewise Whitman would have his hands full defending his third place position from the likes of Marcus Yarie and Kyle Lentz. Meanwhile, last season’s IMCA Sport Modified champion Troy Jerovetz was making headway picking off car after car and soon found himself in contention for a top five spot.

The final caution came out for a spin by IMCA Modified rookie and former Sport Modified standout Brad Lautenbach who spun coming off turn three on lap nine. It would be the final slowdown of the contest.

Sean Jerovetz would come under heavy pressure as Lemirande opted to challenge on the low side. On several occasions Lemirande would manage to draw even with Sean Jerovetz but couldn’t quite find the bite needed to nose ahead. In the end Sean Jerovetz was able to fend off a final turn passing attempt from Lemirande who nearly tagged the wall coming off the final turn. Troy Jerovetz would work into the third spot after a solid charge through the field. A rookie in the class Troy Jerovetz has proven he will be a force to be reckoned with this season. Yarie and Whitman would complete the top five finishers.

The Hansel Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds would race non-stop from green to checker with Jon Schultz pacing the opening circuits of the contest. Jeff Steenburgen and division rookie John Heinz would follow in second and third. Steenburgen would opt for the high line to challenge Schultz for the lead position and the pair ran wheel to wheel for a several laps before Steenburgen surged ahead. Once out front Steenburgen began to build a slight cushion on his rivals. Attention now focused on Steve Schneider a former standout in the Grand National division who is a rookie in the Sport Modifieds this year. Schneider would work past fellow rookie Heinz and then begin working on Schultz for the second spot.

Steenbergen continued to click off flawless laps and would remain unchallenged over the final circuits. On the white flag lap Schneider rocketed past Schultz for runner-up honors. Schultz held on for third followed by John Heinz and Kevin Bethke who rounded out the top five.

The Outlaw Chassis Grand National division main event could basically be summed up in one word. Domination. Tim Reichenberger survived several caution flags and had a stranglehold on the lead from the drop of the green flag. Never seriously challenged Reichenberger would take the checkered flag by nearly a half lap over his rivals. Second place however had plenty of drama in the closing laps. Terry Van Roy, whose car had suffered cosmetic damage from an incident earlier in the race started to have the front end body panels of his car break loose.

With his hood, nose and fenders flapping in the wind he fought hard to hold onto the second spot as the final lap began. Jeff Richards would find room to the inside of Van Roy and slip past before the checker flag but Van Roy was able to fend off a final turn challenge by Tom Schneider to nurse his wounded race car home in third. John Heinz would race his IMCA Stock Car with the Grand Nationals turning in an impressive fifth place performance. For Heinz it was his second top five feature finish of the night having earned a fourth place run in the Sport Modifieds.

In Total Power Sales Street Stock action Frank Knaus used the high line to power away from Jon Ashcraft during the opening lap of the event. A caution on lap three for debris would bunch the field with defending division champion Richard Garb on Kanus’ rear bumper for the green. Before action would get underway Lexii Aschcraft would have her engine expire extending the caution. When racing resumed Garb got the jump on Knaus taking the lead while Mark Baker fought with Jerry Kope for the third spot.

Garb held the lead until Knaus rallied and retook the top spot at the halfway point of the contest. Garb appeared to lose some speed in his machine turned second spot over to Jeff Wicinski with five laps to go. Kope would follow Wicinski past Garb for third as the laps wound down. Knaus appeared headed for victory but a caution would appear when Wayne Morgan spun with his a pair of laps left in the contest. When the green flag wave Wicinski immediately began to pressure Knaus and the who would run wheel to wheel as they headed for the white flag. Wicinski made a bold move to the inside as of Knaus as the final lap began with Knaus using the high line for momentum. Heading off turn two Knaus would lose the handle on his machine looping his ride and turning the lead briefly over to Wicinski who lifted off the gas momentarily to avoid Kanus’ machine. This allowed Kope who had been running third to dive to the inside and power ahead down the backstretch with the lead. At the wire Kope would emerge as a surprise winner with Wicinski finishing second. Gary Kasperek came from deep in the field to earn third ahead of Baker and Jeff Jungwirth.

The final event of the night as a curfew shortened main event for the Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils. Mike Montie kept his machine out front for the majority of the contest in a borrowed car as his ride for the year has yet to be completed. Calvin Nowak captured runner-up honors ahead of Kyle Stark. Defending division champion Jason Fairbank captured fourth and heads up this season’s point standings with some held from his heat race victory tonight. Ralph Liegeois Jr. who provided Montie with a car for the evening completed the top five finishers.

The weekly Friday Night racing program at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway continues next week with the Dan Kelly Plumbing Night at the races. Dan Kelly Plumbing will also be sponsoring the “Lucky Crapper” which will make it’s debut next week. The Dan Kelly Plumbing “Lucky Crapper” will be the focus of many fan drawings and giveaways as will be described in a press release shortly. The event will showcase all five weekly divisions featuring Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modifieds, Hansel Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds, Outlaw Chassis Grand Nationals, Total Power Sales Street Stocks and Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devils.

The first green flag of the night is set to fall at 7:00pm, and the grandstands will be open at 5:00pm. Adult admission is just $10, with you admission for youngsters ages 11 through 15 just $5. Children are admitted FREE with a paid adult.

Fans can print out the 2013 season schedule by visiting the track website at . When visiting the website fans are encouraged to sign-up for the free track newsletter which features weekly updates throughout the season along with photos, videos, interviews and more. Oshkosh Speedzone can also be found on Facebook at

Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway is a 1/3 mile semi-banked clay oval located at the Sunnyview Expo Center which resides near the intersection of Highways 76 and County Trunk Y in Oshkosh.



Feature (Top 15): 1.) Sean Jerovetz; 2.) Tim Lemirande; 3.) Troy Jerovetz; 4.) Marcus Yarie; 5.) Johnny Whitman; 6.) Eddie Muenster; 7.) Kyle Lentz; 8.) Brian Mullen; 9.) Jerry Muenster; 10.) Jason Czarapata; 11.) Craig Priewe; 12.) Jerry Wilinski; 13.) Jeremy Christians; 14.) Mike Wedelstadt; 15.) Tony Wedelstadt

First Consolation: 1.) Brian Mullen; 2.) Jerry Wilinski; 3.) Kyle Kudick; 4.) Eric VanIten; 5.) Will Sorce; 6.) Eric Mahlik

Second Consolation: 1.) Kurt Olson; 2.) Jason Czarapata; 3.) Travis Spaulding; 4.) Jeremy Christians; 5.) Don Scheffler; 6.) Joe McGrath

First Heat: 1.) Marcus Yarie; 2.) Craig Priewe; 3.) Troy Jerovetz
Second Heat: 1.) Brad Lautenbach; 2.) Jerry Muenster; 3.) Eddie Muenster
Third Heat: 1.) Tim Lemirande; 2.) Sean Jerovetz; 3.) Justin Ritchie
Fourth Heat: 1.) Kyle Lentz; 2.) Mike Wedelstadt; 3.) Jamie Schmidt
Fifth Heat: 1.) Troy Wedelstadt; 2.) Johnny Whitman; 3.) Chris Engels


Feature (Top 15): 1.) Jeff Steenbergen; 2.) Steve Schneider; 3.) Jon Schultz; 4.) John Heinz; 5.) Kevin Bethke; 6.) Josh Long; 7.) Todd Wiese; 8.) J.J. Anderson; 9.) Rob Krull; 10.) Andy Kleczka; 11.) Brandon Long; 12.) Tristin Peebles; 13.) Rob Charapata; 14.) Scott Besaw; 15.) Mike Dauphinais

First Consolation: 1.) Todd Ewald; 2.) Clint Forestner; 3.) Wyatt Block; 4.) Tyler Weise; 5.) Kevin Tillerman; 6.) Beau Handschke

Second Consolation: 1.) Rob Charapata; 2.) Cody Hokenstad; 3.) Colten Van Hierden; 4.) Kelsy Hayes; 5.) Robbie Thiel; 6.) Jessi Ness

First Heat: 1.) Jeff Steenbergen; 2.) Kevin Bethke; 3.) J.J. Anderson
Second Heat: 1.) Steve Schneider; 2.) Tracy Wassenberg; 3.) Brandon Long
Third Heat: 1.) Todd Wiese; 2.) John Heinz; 3.) Rob Krull
Fourth Heat: 1.) Jon Schultz; 2.) Andy Kleczka; 3.) John Long


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Tim Reichenberger; 2.) Jeff Richards; 3.) Terry Van Roy; 4.) Tom Schneider; 5.) John Heinz; 6.) Brian Vinney Jr.; 7.) Tim Doehling; 8.) Don Schumacher; 9.) Kodiak Wirtz; 10.) Brian Henry

First Heat: 1.) Jeff Richards; 2.) John Schultz III; 3.) Don Schumacher
Second Heat: 1.) Larry Richards; 2.) Tom Schneider; 3.) Terry Van Roy


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Jerry Kope; 2.) Jeff Wicinski; 3.) Gary Kasperek; 4.) Mark Baker; 5.) Jeff Jungwirth; 6.) Richard Garb; 7.) Dan Knaus; 8.) Patty Winkler; 9.) Jon Ashcraft; 10.) Jesse Krahn

First Heat: 1.) Jerry Kope; 2.) Mark Baker; 3.) Jon Ashcraft
Second Heat: 1.) Richard Garb; 2.) Frank Knaus; 3.) Josh McDonald


Feature (Top 10): 1.) Mike Montie; 2.) Calvin Nowak; 3.) Kyle Stark; 4.) Jason Fairbank; 5.) Ralph Liegeois Jr.,; 6.) Kasey Gross; 7.) Chris Maas; 8.) Matt Brehmer; 9.) Kyle Riedner; 10.) Wes Lungwitz

Consolation: 1.) Rick Fairbank; 2.) Trent Nolan; 3.) Kyle Riedner; 4.) Erik Kollmann; 5.) Paul Yohr; 6.) Joe Minks

First Heat: 1.) Jason Fairbank; 2.) Kasey Gross; 3.) Patrick Klawitter
Second Heat: 1.) Kyle Stark; 2.) Calvin Nowak; 3.) Chris Maas
Third Heat: 1.) Ralph Liegeois Jr.; 2.) Wes Lungwitz; 3.) Hillary Kreutz