SpeedZone May 9 results

Oshkosh, May 9 – A Blustery night greeted the Friday night racing program at the Speed Zone Raceway. 128 cars checked in and the hearty fans saw a great night of racing.

Larry Karcz, Jr took the lead for the first 2 laps of the Total Power Sales IMCA Stock Car feature before Travis Van Straten moved into the lead. Jake Lunderby, John Heinz and Larry Parshen bunched up in a battle for second as Van Straten pulled away from the field.

Van Straten held a ¼ lap lead at the mid point of the race, Heinz was running second and was starting to close the gap with Karcz Parshen and Harley Simon behind. A lone caution on lap 12 bunched the field and Karcz retook the runner up spot on the restart with Heinz, Simon and Parshen behind. Karcz Hounded Van Straten for a couple laps before a battle for second allowed Van Straten to again pull away from the field. He picked up his first feature win ever at Oshkosh, also his first feature win in only 4 nites out since coming out of a 2 ½ year retirement this season. Heinz wrestled the second place finish away from Karcz with Simon making a strong run to place 4th. Justin Jacobsen and Parshen rounded out the top six.

Derek Schrauth set the pace for the opening lap of the Outlaw Chassis Grand Nations, with Tim Reichenberger taking charge on lap 2, and sprinting away from the field. Jeff Steenbergen, Larry Richards and Tom Schneider moved up to challenge Schrauth for second that lasted through the first half of the race. Richards made the inside line work and took over the runner up spot on lap 11, and set out after Reichenberger, who was cruising a solid ¼ lap ahead.

Richards slowly made up ground and by lap 16 was a car length behind. Schrauth, Schneider and Steenbergen were back running for third. A caution on lap 17 change the comlextion of the race with the field now bunched on the leader. Schneider took the inside line into the runner up spot on the restart and the pair was glued behind Reichenberger. Richards drove to the inside of Scneirder out of turn 4 on the following lap as the white flag appeard, but contact and a crash between the pair brought out the caution and ended the race with Reichenberger taking his first feature win of the season. Schneider was given the runner up finish followed by Steenbergen, Schrauth, Jeff Richards and Charlie Sancinati.

Kevin Bethke and Todd Wiese took the green side by side for the IMCA Sport Mod main and Wiese won the drag race after the first lap to take the lead and start to pull away from the field. Steve Schneider moved into the runner up spot on lap 3 with Luca Lamberies, Bethke and Ryan Besaw in chase. It took half the race for Schneider to move up behind the leader and the race was on. Wiese was running high and Schneider low in a great race for the top spot. As the field ran up on lapped traffic the strategy changed as it was not single cars but a group of five ahead on the leaders starting lap 16. Wiese took the low grove entering turn one and Schneider took the outside line. A hole opened for Wiese in turn 2 and he shot though to maintain the lead. Schneiders move was costly as the outside line doubled up, forcing him to the very ridge of the corner, creating a several car length lead that Wiese, the defending track champion, carried to his first feature win of the season. Schneider took second followed by Jon Schultz, Besaw, Lamberies and Colton Van Hierden.

Travis Spaulding sprinted into the lead of the Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified feature with a early caution on lap 3 that put Jeremy Christians Chris Engels Ed Lemay and Jim Rhode behind for the restart. Spaulding held the top spot until Engels moved to the front on lap 6. Mike Mullen was making a quick move to the front from the 12 starting spot and took over second on lap 7 and moved into the lead on lap 9. Once in front, Mullen pulled away from the field leaving the battle for second with Engels, Christians, Spaulding, Lemay and Eddie Muenster.

A late race caution on lap 17 set up a sprint to the finish, but Mullen was able to hold off the pack for his second straight feature win. Engels won the battle to take the runner up finish with Christians holding off Muenster for third. Mike Wedelstadt and Sean Jerovetz moved up to round out the top six,

Mark Schultz took off at the start of the Gold Star Racing Products feature and set a quick pace as the field sorted out behind. Jerry Winkler moved into the runner up spot on lap 4 and made quick work of the gap and was right behind on lap 7. One lap later, Winkler took over the top spot and started to build a lead of his own. With 5 laps remaining, the lone caution flew and bunched the field on Winkler. Schultz applied the pressure after the restart, but drifted a bit wide out of turn 2 with a couple laps left allowing Winkler to claim his first feature win of the season. Schultz took the second place money with Steve Ecker taking third, Jeff Wicinski fourth. Patty Winkler held off Jeff Jungwirth for fifth.

Mike Mueller took the initial lead in the Ellington Mutual Insurance Dirt Devil feature. Paul Yohr moved into the top spot on lap 2.. Erik Kollmann moved from mid pack into the top spot on lap 7. A lone caution appeared on lap 8, and Kollmann maintained the lead on the restart. Jason Fairbank took second with Yohr and Christopher Maas behind. The four pulled away from the field in a great race to the finish. Kollmann was able to hold off the challengers to take his first feature win of the season. Fairbank was second with a near photo finish for third going to Yohr over Maas. Mueller and Braison Bennett rounded out the top six.

There will be a practice session held at the track this Thursday, May 15.

Total Power Sales will be sponsoring another full night of racing next Friday May 16.



20 Lap Feature 1. Mike Mulle 2. Chris Engels 3. Jeremy Christians 4. Eddie Muenster 5. Mike Wedelstadt 6. Sean Jerovetz

12 Lap Consy 1. Sean Jerovetz 2. Taylor Scheffler 3. Jerry Muenster 4. Marcus Yarie

8 Lpa Heats First l. John Schultz 2. T.J. Smith

Second l. Jeremy Christians 2. Travis Spaulding

Thihrd l. Mullen 2. Jim Rhode


20 Lap Feature l. Travis Van Straten 2. John Heinz 3. Larry Karcz, Jr 4. Harley Simon 5. Justin Jacobsen 6. Larry Parshen

8 Lap Heats First l. Parshen 2. Heinz

Second l. David Hoerning 2. Simon


20 Lap Feature l. Todd Wiese 2. Steve Schnmeider 3. Jon Schult 4. Ryan Besaw 5. Lucas Lamberies 6. Colten Van Hierden

10 Lap Consy l. Brandon Berth 2., Mark Howe 3. Mr Unknown 4. Bernie Miller

8 Laps Heats First l. Jon Schultz 2. Cory Wegner

Second l. Robby Thiel 2. Besaw

Third l. Lamberies 2. Van Hierden


20 Lap Feature l. Jerry Winkler 2, Mark Schultz 3. Steve Ecker 4. Jeff Wicinski 5. Patty Winkler 6. Jeff Jungwirth

8 Lpa Heats First l. Ryan Blank 2. Jonny Ashcraft

Second l. Schultz 2. Winkler


20 Lpa Feature l Tim Reichenberger 2. Tom Schneider 3. Jeff Steenbergen 4. Derek Schrauth 5. Jeff Richards 6. Charlie Sancinati

8 Lpa Heats Hirst l. Steenbergen 2. Schneider

Second l. Larry Richards 2. Reichenberger


20 Lap feature l erik Kollmann 2, Jason Fairbank 3. Paul Yohr 4. Christopher Maas 5. Mike Mueller 6. Braison Bennett

8 Lpa Heats First l. Shaun Bangart 2. Fairbank

Second l. Kollmann 2. Maas