Oshkosh, June 16- Despite threatening weather , co-operation was the key as a fast paced program was needed to get a full program in the books Friday night the SpeedZone Raceway.

Patrick Klawitter paced the opening four circuits of the Nolte’s Auto Repair and Towing Street Stock division main with Frank Knaus taking command on lap 5. Once in the lead. Knaus set a torid pace on route to his second feature win of the season. The field behind stayed bunched with Alex Crapser holding the runner up spot with Brady Baldry, Klawitter, Jeff Wicinsky and Jeff Jungwirth all in contention. Knaus paced the rest of the non stop race with Crapser taking the runner up finish. Wicinsky was third. Adam Crapser wrestled the fourth place finish with Klawitter taking fifth and Jungwirth sixth.

Jeremy Jiles set the opeing lap pace as the Outlaw Chassis IMCA Stock Car main took the track. Jeff Schmuhl calimed the top spot on lap 2 and despite several cautions in the first half of the race, maintained the lead. Jeremy Christians made his way to second and the pair went side by side for several laps before Christians used the slick inside line to take the lead on lap 10. The race was tight to the finish with Justin Jacobsen, Schmuhl, Dan Michonski, Travis Van Straten and Jerry Winkler all ran at the front. Christians drove to his third feature win of the season with Jacobsen securing the runner up spot. Schmuhl took third with Michonski, in his first run here this season, took fourth. Winkler bested Van Straten to round out the top six.

After getting a late start on the 2017 season, defending Automotive Supply Company IMCA Modified champion, Marcus Yaruie, led the first 2 laps of the feature before Ryan Besaw took charge on lap 3. One in front, Besaw drove off to take a convincing first career division feature win. Kenny Richards overtook Yarie early on and chased Besaw the rest of the way to take his best finish of the season in second. Yarie took the third place finish. Tony Wedelstadt, dad, Mike Wedelstadt, T.j. Smith and Drian Drexler battled the entire race and at the finish Tony took fourth with Smith fifth and Mike Wedlestadt rounding outthe top six.

The Don Herman Auto Repair IMCA Sport Mods were led by Brianna Ambroziak at the start with Andrew Meyerhofer, Jason Ebert, Tom Schneider and Robby Thiel in chase. Scott Besaw hooked up on the outside and worked his way from mid field to move into the runner up spot on lap 7. He continued his trek to the front taking over the lead on lap 9. Once in the front, Besaw opened a lead on the field. Jeff Schmuhl moved into the runner up spot on lap later with Lucas Lamberies, Ebert and Colten Van Hierden joining Ambroziak I nt tight battle for second. The first of 2 late race cautions appeared on lap 13 and put the field on Besaw. Van Hierden amd a run into third on the restart and joind Besaw and Schmuhl at the front of the pack. A final caution on lap 17 set the stage for a 3 lap shoot out. In the scrable after the final resatart, Besaw again help the point with Van Hirrden making an inside run at the lead. Besaw stayed high with Schmuhl and pulled ahead with the white flag waving. Schmuhl made a last lap charge and dove to the inside out of the final turn to take the victory at the line. Besaw settled for the runner up spot with Van Heirden taking third. Ambroziak took her best finish of the season holding on to fourth. Ebert and Todd Kluever rounded out the top six.

The Gold Star Racing Products Grand Nationals took the green with Tim Doehling settling into the lead position right away with Nick Schumacher, Dustin Weiss, Tim Reichenberger and Don Schumacher in chase. Brian Vinney, Jr picked his way to the front taking over the runner up spot on lap 8, and closed in on the leader. Running side by side, Vinney was scored as the leader one lap before the caution appeared on lap 13. Vinney continued to set the pace on the restart, before losing the handle briefly in turn on on lap 16, which allowed Doehling to retake the lead. Doehling drove off with his first feature win of the season with Nick Schumacher taking THE SEOND PLACE FINISH. Derek Schrauth and Larry Richards were next in the finish with Jeff Richards and Brian Gilles rounding out the top six.

Cody Booth and Barrett Hummelmeier each lead a lap to start the Lynn’s Service Center IMCA Sport Compact Dirt Devil feature. Cody Pankow took over on lap 3 and drove off with his first feature win of the season. Jordan Klemmer made a late race charge at the leader but settled for the runner up spot. Chris Maas, Seth Hickman, Booth and Alvin Testroete rounded out the top six.

The IMCA Modified Cheesehead Triple Crown “Battle at the Zone” will invade Oshkosh next Friday night. The IMCA Sport Mods, IMCA Stock Cars and Street Stocks will also be part of the big night. Racing starts at 7 PM every Friday night.



20 Lap Feature l. Ryan Besaw 2. Kenny ichards 3. Marcus Yarie 4. Tony Wedelstadt 5. T.J. Smith 6. Mike Wedlestadt

8 Lap Heats First l. Yarie 2. Besaw

Second l. Chase Parker 2. Mike Mueller

Third l. Smith 2. Richards


20 Lap Feature l. Jeremy Christians 2. Justin Jacobsen 3. Jeff Schmuhl 4. Dan Michonski 5. Jerry Winkler 6. Travis Van Straten

8 Lap Heats First l. Jacobsen 2. Kevin Hebbe

Second l. Schmuhl 2. Christians


20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Schmuhl 2. Scot Besaw 3. Colen Van Hierden 4. Brianna Ambroziak 5. Jason Ebert 6. Todd Kluever

8 Lap Heats First l. Kevin Bethke 2. Robby Thiel

Second l. Besaw 2. Schmuhl

Third l. Ambroziak 2. Van Hierden


20 Lap Feature l. Frank Knaus 2. Alex Crapser 3. Jeff Wicinsky 4. Adam Crapser 5. Patrick Klawitter 6. Jeff Jungwirth

8 Lap Heats First l. Chase Solomon 2. Knaus

Second l. Adam Crapser 2. Jungwirth


20 Lap Feature l, Tim Doehling 2. Nich Schumacher 3. Derek Schrauth 4. Larry Richards 5. Jeff Richards 6. Brian Gilles

8 Lap Heats First l. Jeff Richards 2. Schrauth

Second l. Larry Richards 2. Tim Reichenberger


20 Lap Feature l. Cody Pankow 2. Jordan Klemmer 3. Chris Maas 4. Seth Hickman 5.,Cody Booth 6. Alvin Testroete

8 Lap Heats First l. Mitchell Lee Fairbank 2., Pankow

Second l. Booth 2. Maas