Oshkosh, June 2- Ecklund Motorsports presented a big night of racing action Friday at the Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway with a pair of additional features added for the IMCA Modifieds and IMCA Sport Mods.

Kevin Bethke started the evening by winning his first feature of the season in the Don Herman Auto Repair IMCA Sport Mods. Bethke took the lead on lap 6 and despite a late race caution with 4 laps left, was able to secure his first feature win of the season. Brock Saunders, Tim Warner, Mark Schuenemann, Scott Besaw and Jeff Schmul were right behind at the checkers.

In the make up Automotive Supply Co IMCA modified event, Eric Scribner start on the outside pole and pace every lap of the non stop race to win his first SpeedZone feature since July 31, 2015. Mike Mueller, Mike Wedelstadt, Konnor Wilinski, Chase Parker and Brian Drexler made up the top six.

The current nights events had 120 cars entered for the evening.

The Nolte’s Auto Repair and Towing Street Stocks started the feature portion. Numerous cautions plagued the race and force a shortened event. Jesse Krahn hooked up on the outside and took the lead after a lap 4 caution and held on to post his first feature win of the season. Jeff Wicinski, Alex Crapser, Frank Knaus, Mark Schultz and Brady Baldry finished behind Krahn, but post race inspections altered the finish with Knaus moving into third followed by Baldry, Adam Crapser and Chase Solomon in the top six.

The Gold Star Racing Products Grand Nationals took the track next and after a pair of pre race cautions, ran flag to flag. Jesse Cullen set the pace early with Jason Dyer also taking a shot at the point. Brian Vinney, Jr took control of the race on lap 8 and collected his first feature win since July 17, 2015. Jeff Richards claimed the runner up spot over Tim Doehling, with Larry Richards, Dyer and Steven Wirtz rounding out the top six.

Jeff Schmul, in his second full night in the Outlaw Chassis IMCA Stock Car division, started the main event from outside pole and led every lap to record his first career feature win. A late race caution with 2 laps left bunched the field but Schmul held off defending champion, Travis Van Straten, David Hoerning, Jeremy Christians, Aaron Stolp and Joe White to seal the deal.

Cody Booth set the pace for the first 6 laps of the Lynn’s Service Center IMCA Sport Compact Dirt Devil main. Chris Maas challenged over the final couple laps and secured his first feature win of the season on the final lap. Booth took second followed by Cody Pankow, Mitchell Lee Fairbank, Tyler Lind and Seth Hickman.

Lucas Lamberies took over the lead in the Don Herman Auto Repair IMCA Sport Mod main after a lap 2 caution and survived several late race cautions and heavy pressure from Jeff Steenbergen to secure his first career SpeedZone feature win. Steenbergen, Robby Thiel, Tim Warner, Kevin Bethke and Jason Vandenberg rounded out the top six.

Tony Wedelstadt grabbed the lead in the Automotive Supply Co IMCA Modified main from the front row and open a big lead until a caution with 6 laps left bunched the field. Steve Schneider tried for a couple laps to de-throne the leader, but Wedelstadt would pull away again and claim his first feature win at the SpeedZone since May 8, 2015. Schneider, Eric Scribner, Kenny Richards, Chase Parker and Tim Robbins rounded out the top six.

Racing continues next Friday night when the IRA Sprint Cars invade the Zone.



Feature l. Tony Wedlestadt, 2, Steve Schneider, 3. Eric Scribner 4. Kenny Richards 5. Chase Parker 6. Tim Robbins

10 Lap Consy First John Schultz 2. Brian Drexler

Second 1. Rob Krull 2, Jason Zdroik

8 Lap Heats First l. Mike Mueller 2. Robbins

Second l. Kenny Richards 2. Jamie Schmidt

Third l. Mike Klenz 2. Scribner

Fourth 1. Tony Wedelstadt 2. Parker


Feature l. Jeff Schmul 2. Travis Van Straten 3. David Hoerning 4. Jeremy Christians 5. Aaron Stolp 6. Joe White

8 Lap Heats First l. Justin Jacobsen 2. White

Second l. Hoerning 2. Jerry Winkler

Third l. Schmul 2. Christians


Feature l. Lucas Lamberies 2. Jeff Steenbergen 3. Robby Thiel 4. Tim Warner 5. Kevin Bethke 6. Jason Vandenberg

10 Lap Consy First l. Colten Van Hierden 2. Bernie Miller

Second l. Jayden Schmidt 2. RW Aschenbrenner

8 Lap Heats First l. Brock Saunders 2. Jeff Schmul

Second l. Lamberies 2. Vandenberg

Third l. Steenbergen 2. Warner

Fourth l. Bethke 2. Mark Schuenemann


Feature l. Jesse Krahn 2. Jeff Wicinski 3. Frank Knaus 4. Brady Baldry 5. Adam Crapser 6. Chase Solomon

8 Lap Heats First l. Mark Schultz 2. Adam Crapser

Second l. Ian Wainio 2. Joe Minks


Feature l. Brian Vinney, Jr 2. Jeff Richards 3. Tim Doehling 4. Larry Richards 5. Jason Dyer 6. Steven Wirtz

8 Lap Heats First l. Vinney, Jr 2. Larry Richards

Second l. Jeff Richards 2. Jesse Cullen

Lynn;s service center imca sport compact dirt devils

Feature 1. Chris Maas 2. Cody Booth 3. Cody Pankow 4. Mitchell Lee Fairbank 5. Tyler Lind 6. Seth Hickman

8 Lap Heats First l. Hickman 2. Maas

Second l. Booth 2. Jordan Klemmer